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JCCI Makes Contribution to support Tornado Relief Efforts

JCCI Makes $100,000 Contribution to AmeriCares

JCCI Makes $100,000 Contribution to AmeriCares
through J.C.C. Fund to support Tornado Relief Efforts


On May 17, 2011, JCCI made a $100,000 contribution through the Chamber’s J.C.C. Fund to help victims of the recent tornadoes that devastated seven southern states in the U.S.

This contribution was provided to AmeriCares, a leading nonprofit global health and disaster relief organization. AmeriCares is on the front lines of efforts to help victims of this disaster. AmeriCares responded immediately to this disaster and has since launched a prolonged tornado relief operation, including deliveries of medicines, humanitarian aid, and water to help families struggling to recover and rebuild.

This was the second-deadliest tornado attack in U.S. history with fatalities across seven states: Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Louisiana and Kentucky. The Washington Post reported that the total death toll from the tornadoes were 337 as of May 5th. Alabama was the hardest hit of the seven states with the office of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley announcing on May 11th that the tornadoes had caused 238 fatalities in the state.

JCCI is proud to support AmeriCares’ vital disaster relief efforts through the J.C.C. Fund.

NY日本商工会議所 及びJ.C.C. Fund 「米南部の竜巻被災者支援に義援金10万ドル」

★ アメリケアーズ(米非営利団体)を通して被災者に直接支援






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